About Us

Kentro supports your operation at any scale to allow you to focus on growing your commerce business!

Starting business is easier than ever

Launching an e-Commerce business is easier than ever, with easily accessible tools and SaaS platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce and others. But your business can quickly outgrow the tools that served you well at launch, and you may find yourself unable to scale your operations to meet demand.

Operational processes managing order lifecycles fall short in new channels. Supply chain visibility develops blind spots. These are common problem; ones that successful organizations must address quickly to continue their momentum across new sales channels, expanding product offerings, and larger geographic areas.

It’s time for Kentro

Founded by e-Commerce experts, Kentro is a unique platform designed to leverage the inherent scalability and power of software-as-a-service specifically to orchestrate the many functions required in the e-Commerce sector.

With our 15+ years expertise in IT and e-Commerce, and after working with many e-Commerce clients of different sizes, we saw that operational problems and processes within those companies were very similar.

And we developed an operational-centric solution that is easy to implement without disrupting existing sales activities.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Today, Kentro delivers undeniable value and cost savings through its host of tools, APIs, integrations, and custom applications. In fact, we are so confident that you will be completely satisfied with our solution set that we offer cancellation at any time without penalty if you find Kentro is not right for you or your business.

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