Solutions by Function

Take advantage of Kentro enterprise grade software for order fulfilment

Kentro provides a scalable solution for B2C and B2B order fulfilment and can handle thousands and thousands of orders shipped daily.

Fulfillment done right

Ship any order, from any channels through one user interface. Our solution provides all you need to ship fast with minimal mistakes.

100+ Carriers

That’s how many carriers we currently support

Mac/Windows/Linux Support

Our native adapter required for shipping, has minimum requirements

Thermal Printing

Print labels directly through thermal printer to save time on packaging

Weight Support

Connect your scale for faster shipments and automate package weight entry

Rate Shopping

You can ship with a specific carrier and service level, or you can leave that decision to Kentro, and it will automatically select lowest cost shipping option based on the weight, package and address

First In First Out (FIFO/LIFO) or Exp.First Sequence

To make sure you don’t waste inventory and not holding large stocks of potentially expiring SKUs

Enterprise features supported

When shipping B2B order it is essential that your shipping solution can automate routine work and you don’t have to spend hours everyday on a manual processes.

Pick and Pack

You can pick multiple orders to get inventory then move to the next stage, packing, and then print labels to fulfill your orders, this is very helpful when shipping large quantity orders

Pre-configured Packaging

Configure packages that you use most often and select it from dropdown list for your shipments instead of entering dimensions

Multi-part & Multi-lot Shipment

Kentro will print all labels for all cartons in large order consisting of different SKUs and lot quantities.

3rd Party Billing

If your customer has 3rd party carrier billing account, Kentro will generate the label purchased under customer’s account

Common Carrier / Freight Shipping

Even if your shipment doesn’t require label, you can mark order as shipped and enter all required information for traceability and flow automation


Generate scan form directly from Kentro dashboard for carrier pick-up

Flexible and scalable solution

If you have only a couple shipstations or hundreds combined with 3PL fulfilment, we can support it all to streamline and simplify your operation process.


Setup unlimited number of shipstations per each warehouse; shipper can only see orders allocated to that warehouse

Order Routing

Automated order routing will make sure order is available for fulfilment in the right location

Quality Control

You can enable required product scanning to make sure all ordered items have been included in the shipment to avoid mistakes

Real-time Feed

If you have multi-shipstation setup, your shipper can see who is working on which shipment to avoid redundant work

Elevate Your Brand's Operations to New Heights – Let Us Handle the Complexity.