Solutions by Team

Sales Team

Automation of manual and routine processes is a key step aiding your sales team. Kentro will free up their time and streamline customer onboarding and order entering to make sure your sales team can spend time securing new customers instead of managing and manually tracking orders lifecycle.

B2B Online Store

Launch a private store with the self-checkout option for your retail accounts

EDI Providers

Integrate with your EDI provider to automate order/invoice/ASNs for large retail accounts

Invite Code

Use preconfigured invite codes with rules such as free shipping, tax exempt, order min/max, credit limits and more, to share with your accounts. Allow them to sign up with the code on your private store. Automatically apply all configured attributes to their account

Price List

Custom price lists per channel, customer or product category to automate different price tiers for your customers and retail accounts

Order Entry

Dashboard for single or bulk order entry in case if you want to quickly ship out some products or are planning a marketing, product seeding campaign

Email Automation

Keep your customers up to date about their order lifecycle, from order received, to invoiced, shipped, paid and more through Kentro’s custom email notification function

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