Solutions by Function

Launch new online store for wholesale in a matter of minutes

We provide flexible online storefronts that can be configured as a new sales channel for your products and services, with minimum time and money invested.

Launch Your eCommerce in Minutes

Configure as many online stores as you want, each with custom styles, colors, branding and domain. Maximize your sales outside the channels you already have!

Public/Private Store

Make your store public (everyone can purchase) or private (existing customers only)

Product Price List

Configure flexible price lists to adjust product prices based on multiple variables such as product categories, customer, channel and more

Invite Codes

Use invite codes with preconfigured customer limits, price list and other customer attributes to automate wholesale account onboarding

Headless API

Want to build your own custom or/and self hosted storefront? Not a problem, you can build it with access to all the same functionality through our store API

B2B customers specific functionality

Available B2C stores can be very limited and often require manual order entry and account set up. Kentro offers all required functionality to equality suit B2C and B2B customers based on your store requirements.

Order min/max

Set order thresholds on customer or channel level to limit order by max or min total amount

Net Terms

Support net terms as a payment option, with the ability to enable or disable order fulfilment prior payment is received

Credit Limits

When customer uses Net terms payment it is important to keep track of their open balance and credit limits. Kentro won’t allow customer to place new orders if they have exceeded their limit

Multi Address & Payment Methods

Customer can have multiple billing, shipping addresses and payment methods

3rd Party Carrier Account

Customers can configure and link multiple carrier accounts that will be used on order fulfillment

Tax Exempt

Enable tax exemption for tax exempt corporations that have all required legal documents

Sales Tax Filing

We provide integration with AvaTax, TaxJar, TaxCloud to automate accurate tax collection and filing per state for all your online store orders

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