Solutions by Function

Making data driven decisions is easier than ever

Staying on top of your data is very important in highly competitive markets. Having all data structured and available is usually an extremely complicated process, especially after you scale beyond a single channel. Kentro solves that issue by providing a holistic view of all your sales data.

Cross-Channel Reporting and Analysis

Kentro dashboards are pre-configured with cross-channel reports. Your team can aggregate data for single or multi-channels with the option to merge all data or group per individual channel.

Pre-configured Reports

Kentro offers the most popular and requested reports, such as revenue, shipping cost, shipped/unshipped items, inventory errors and more

Custom Reports

For a nominal cost, you can request individual dynamic report that will be added to your account

Data Export

Export any report to CSV files. Large reports that require additional processing will be available via an email link as soon as the export is ready

Data Fetching & BI Tools

Kentro provides an API for data fetching. If you need access to raw data and want to run reports within your BI tool, you can connect auto-export to BigQuery

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