Solutions by Function

Robust inventory management solution

Kentro inventory tracking solution provides seamless integration between order processing and fulfilment: essential for smooth and efficient operations.

Inventory management simplified

Avoid manual counts, spreadsheets and non-integrated inventory methods. Kentro offers all you need to have confidence in your inventory numbers.

Real-time Tracking

Order lifecycle, inventory movements, and transfers are all reflected in real time

Historical Data

Go back in time and see past inventory activity

Inventory Log

Every single action, movement, allocation and change in your inventory is recorded and available at any time

Lots and Expiration

Track individual lot numbers, expiration dates across your inventory and preserve that information at the individual shipping level

Product level automation

It is important to make sure your listing is up to date to avoid overselling, or not getting sales when you out of stock or just received a new inventory.

Managed Stock Levels

Based on your rules, Kentro will update each individual product as high/mid/low or out of stock as soon as any changes in inventory detected

Listing Updates

If product is out of stock according to your thresholds (and you can have different thresholds for each channel), product will be automatically unpublished and published whenever it’s back in stock

Manual Order Review

You can configure thresholds to require manual order review for EDI or manually entered orders, to prevent overselling if you are running low on certain SKUs and want to prioritize different channels

Inventory lookup and notifications

With Kentro lookup, you have single page view on your entire inventory across all locations, with flexible filter and grouping by products, lots, locations and more.

Multi-tab View

Quickly navigate across inventory grouping by product, lot, location or warehouse in one click

3PL Inventory

We can connect to your 3PL warehouse to provide visibility for external inventory, and global view across all your warehouses storages and 3PLs

Stock Alerts

With our powerful rules engine, you can receive notifications or alerts by sms, email, webhooks and more based on product stock level change

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