Features Highlights

Kentro provides you with all the tools you need to automate and scale your commerce business across all your sales channels.

Sales and Customer Support

Channel Agnostic Order Flow

No matter where your orders/POs are came from (online store, EDI, drop ship etc.), with Kentro you will have unified channel-agnostic flow for entire order cycle, from order received to fulfilled and paid.

Customer Management

Manage of all your customer records across all channels in one dashboard, with full order, invoice, payment history, and many additional features such as credit limits, minimum or maximum order caps, custom product price list and more.

Different Customers - Different Pricing

Setup custom price lists by product or product categories with amount or percent adjustments. Just use our B2C/B2B online store, headless API in platform order entry, or custom integration.

One Click B2C/B2B Store Launch

Launch as many online stores on Kentro as you want, using custom (or provided) domain, custom brand/name, styles and products. Each store can be public or private with invite codes (example: wholesale customer). Each store can support custom and flexible price lists, coupons, referral program and reviews.

Customer Self-Onboarding

Onboarding accounts, especially wholesale, always requires time, from establishing terms, locations, contacts, and financial tools to providing access to inventory and collecting payments. With a Kentro B2C/B2B store, you can simply send an invite code link to a new customer who can then sign up, establish their own account and start placing orders.

Coming Soon

Brick and Mortar Point-of-Sale

Our point-of-sale functionality gives you the ability to bring your offline sales into a cloud platform as a new channel or extend your existing online brand to offline stores.


Holistic Reporting

Having all your customers, orders, invoices and payment data together in a unified format gives you a cross channel snapshot of all activities. Each account includes extensive reports, plus you can request custom dynamic reporting if needed.

Accept Multiple Currencies

The world is your marketplace. You sell through multiple channels with multiple currencies within one account!

Limit Financial Exposure

Kentro allows you to easily establish credit limits and order min/max amounts to avoid excessive account balances. We can also set upĀ  text, email, or phone notifications when balance due nears the limit or when aging becomes an issue.Ā 

Accounting Data Entry Automation

Reduce manual data entry on your account. Automate full order cycle and order assets entry such as customer, invoice, payments and credits to reduce entry error rates. Devote staff to more important processes.


Scalable Order Fulfillment

Our fulfilment solution will allow you to ship from small B2C orders to multi-part large retail orders, and features such as order picking, rate shopping, batch printing, auto 3rd party accounts billing, will allow you to scale your shipment to meet all your needs.

Inventory Tracking

Robust dashboard displays real-time inventory tracking across all your warehouses, distribution centers, and 3PL locationsĀ  with exp. date, lot, allocated inventory tracking. Access real-time or historical inventory level at any time.

Batch Order Entry and Fulfillment

Launching a new marketing campaign or product seeding, and need to ship products to thousands of recipients at once? Kentro has you covered with batch order upload and batch label printing functionality.Ā 

Powerful Rules Engine

Our adapter based platform triggers events on each step of order live-cycle and inventory change.Ā  This allows you to establish rulesā€“based actions based on a certain criteria such as low stock alerts, exp. date too close, issue new PO to supplier, select different carrier, and more.

Inventory management

Keep all yourĀ  inventory information in one place and publish it to any sales channel you need with ability to set custom price per channel, or set automated thresholds to mark product as out of stock if inventory will hit certain level. This rule can be configured individually per channel to prioritize or avoid overselling on certain channels.Ā 

Order Fulfillment Routing

Route orders to specific warehouses automatically or by rules-based exceptions, such as geography.Ā  Network with 3PLs based on order channel to for simplified or automated fulfillment.

Supply Chain

BoM & Cost of Goods

Build each lot or batch of items you receive with build order that includes raw material, labor, finish goods and more. Kentro will automatically calculate cost per unit specific to the lot or batch and allow you to run accurate reports to identify real cost of goods.

Vendor Management

Similar to customer management, you can store all your vendor and supplier records in one location. This will be helpful for automation and will help to streamline communication, track POs or manufacture progress.

Order Approval Routing

Large orders against low stock or from new customers may need approval. Set up a workflow that requires your supply team to review on a dedicated dashboard to approve or reject POs or orders entered by sales team based on requested items inventory level.

Coming Soon

Vendor Dashboards

Provide online dashboard for your vendors to streamline communication and status update on manufacturing orders and POs. Keep all your documents, certificates, contracts, and communication with vendors in one location.


Headless Store API

Are your sales outgrowing your cloud E-Commerce provider? Need a more cost-efficient and scalable solution? Or you want to build a custom experience for you B2C/B2B store? Or just opening micro-site for you resellers and brokers? Use our API to build you custom store and host it with Kentro or any other hosting solution you chose.

Channel API

Running on a custom build platform? Or does your sales channel need proprietary integration? No problem. Our Channel API lets you easily connect any source or channel to manage orders/customers/invoices and more. We can even build that integration for you!

Easily Connect 3rd Party Apps

Kentro architecture is designed to connect additional applications the most robust platform. Carriers, retail sales channels, accounting software, and many others allows you to build, streamline and automate your processes. Kentro ecosystem currently includes more than 115Ā  popular applications with more added every month! We also support custom applicationĀ  connections by request, or if you are using public a platform that is not currently integrated, we will add it for FREE!

Custom Integration

If you are running on a custom platform or have custom built components within your current workflow that you want to connect to Kentro, we can build and integrate custom adapter specific to your setup!