Solutions by Function

Order management software for your business

From hundreds of orders a month to tens of thousands per day, Kentro technology assures you a smooth operation with central control over all orders and sales channels.

Robust order management

Manage orders across all channels from within your Kentro dashboard. No need to jump between platforms or memorize different platform functionality.

Channel Agnostic

View and manage all channels in the same way, in the same UI, regardless of order origin

Order Routing

Configure automation rules or manually route/reroute order from order description screen

Inventory log

Flexible invoicing rules for each channel: invoice order when received, when shipped, or decide other configurations

Collect Payments

Collect online and offline payments directly on order details page

Integrated, seamless experience

Spend less time and money running your order processing operation with Kentro order automation. Streamline orders from all channels and create channel agnostic experience for your operational and finance teams.

Workflow Automation

Configure rules of inventory allocation, routing and more to streamline daily routines

Order Dependencies

Have all order dependencies such as invoice, customer, payment receipts in one location

Accounting Integration

Automate order/invoice/payment/customer export on individual level or as a consolidated entry, to your accounting software


If you fulfill orders within your company, send it to 3PL or drop ship to supplier, we’ve got you covered

Order processing, inventory and fulfillment

Enjoy seamless integration between your order processing, fulfillment and inventory management.

Real-time Inventory

Real time inventory updating when order is received, fulfilled or canceled

Order Routing

Route order to specific warehouse or 3PL based on preconfigured rules


We provide enterprise grade shipping software with 100+ carrier integrations, and we support 3PL integration and drop shipping, all to make order fulfilment as smooth as possible

Batch Entry

Simultaneously upload thousands of orders and print all the labels in batches, saving time on marketing or product seeding orders entry and fulfilment

Channel API

Have a custom sales channel? Use our Channel-API to integrate and automate orders/customers/invoices and more, or we can build it for you!

Elevate Your Brand's Operations to New Heights – Let Us Handle the Complexity.