Solutions by Function

Optimize Your Supply Chain

Automate inbound and outbound activities for true supply chain management.

Supply Chain Visibility

Kentro provides access to all tools and reports required for cost-efficient supply chain operation.

Real-time Inventory

View or download reports at any time, with detailed inventory information for planning and forecasting

Vendor Management

Store all your vendors information in one place with references to products they produce or supply

Bill of Material (BoM)

Accurately track your raw material and real cost of goods per product lot with Kentro’s robust tools


Manage your inventory transfers across your warehouses or 3PLs in one dashboard

Automate Manual Processes

Kentro will help you to identify and automate overlooked but important routine processes for greater cost savings.

Order Review

Establish thresholds on large orders to hold for manual approval or rejection

Stock Alerts

Use our rules engine for alerts based on product stock level updates or expiration dates to avoid out of stock or wasted inventory

Product Listing

Configure product listings specific to each channel using one dashboard

Product price list

Configure flexible price list to auto-adjust product prices based on multiple variables such as product categories, customer, channel and more

Automate Purchase Orders (beta)

Automatically generate and issue PO to your vendor based on inventory levels or specific rules

Elevate Your Brand's Operations to New Heights – Let Us Handle the Complexity.