About HUM Nutrition

Hum Nutrition is a leading online wellness and nutritional supplement company with unique products and formulations based on scientific research. The companyā€™s dedicated nutritionists, combined with customersā€™ experience, contribute to growing brand loyalty and year-over-year sales increases.

HUM Nutrition products are available online, Amazon (US and Globally), retailers such as Sephora, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and in international retail giants such as Douglas and Cult Beauty.

Time Saved Through Automation

By optimizing operations and eliminating manual work, HUM Nutrition saved a significant amount of hours that are now devoted to growing the business. Time savings that are easily demonstrated are listed below. The actual savings are higher, however, since Kentro tools improved daily tasks for different departments, including adhoc cross-channel reporting, real time inventory tracking and more.

Retail order processing

Online B2B store is now self-checkout, single and bulk EDI orders are seamlessly populated, non-EDI retail orders from emails and messages are now automated.

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saved each month

Marketing product seeding and sample orders

Integrated with marketing tools solution and online dashboard for single or bulk order entry to automate and minimize time team spends to submit marketing orders.
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saved each month

Retail order fulfillment

Multi-part shipments, auto populating customersā€™ 3rd party carrier accounts, rate shopping, label creation and tracking are possible thanks to the channel agnostic enterprise fulfillment solution

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saved each month

Accounting automations

Fully integrated solution now automatically imports all new customers, orders, invoices, payments and credits into accounting software, eliminating sales and accounting teamsā€™ time-consuming manually entry.

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saved each month
Impact Metrics
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Inventory Movements

Now traceable in inventory log

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Hours Annually

Saved by Kentro tools and automations


To fully integrate with 3rd party tools and services

Connected Sales Channels

To provide a channel agnostic experience

Main Pain Points

Working with HUM Nutrition, Kentro identified multiple pain points in operation processes that needed to be addressed to support the rapidly growing environment and scale of the company.

PO / Order lifecycle and fulfillment for large (EDI) retail accounts

Managing and automating orders processing

Streamlining various channels such as e-Commerce, retail, international and more

Accounting and monthly reconciliations

Inventory management and historical lot traceability

Multichannel product listings

Automated alerts and notifications

Pain Point #1

Onboarding and order processing for small-medium retailers (no EDI).

Manually onboarding retail accounts can be very tedious, from account set up to receiving and processing orders through non-automated processes such as phone and email.

In addition, manual orders are extremely difficult to trace since they live within emails, google docs, and other static formats.

  1. Set up online B2B store that allowed self-checkout
    Customized invite codes with pre-configured limits and attributes for self-onboarding through online stores
  2. Automated management of Net term accounts with balance management, order min/max, and open balance limits
  3. Customized shipping and tax configurations based on account requirements
  4. Price list management with percentage or amount price adjustments individually per channel, customer, or product category
  5. Populated customers/orders/invoices/shipments log with complete records for reporting and analysis
Pain Point #2

PO / Order lifecycle and fulfillment for large (EDI) retail accounts.

Batch processing EDI documents and PO lifecycle automation, while requiring additional learning from fulfillment and finance teams; a process that was usually disconnected from fulfillment and account solutions.

  1. Connected EDI provider to Kentro as a new sales channel
  2. Created interactive flow for PO reviewing, adjustment and conversion to sales orders
  3. Order fulfillment for all channels through a unified, built-in solution that avoided extra processes specific to EDI orders
  4. Automated invoicing for shipped items
  5. Automated export of all data to accounting software, including customer/order/invoice/payments
Pain Point #3

Managing and automating orders processing.

Marketing initiatives and product seeding are difficult with manual order processingĀ  and require ongoing communication between marketing, fulfillment and finance teams through email, Slack and phone.

  1. New sales channel for marketing orders
  2. Single and bulk orders upload online interface
  3. Automated order entry to Kentro from affiliate tools
  4. Automated order routing and adding attributes such as shipping note or shipping window
  5. Channel agnostic fulfilment no longer requires direct communication with marketing team
  6. Email now notifies recipient that orders were shipped, with tracking and order information
Pain Point #4

Separating and streamlining various channels such as e-Commerce, retail, international and more.

HUM Nutrition has undergone rapid growth through multiple sales channels, including e-Commerce, brick and mortar retail, Amazon, DTC drop-shipping, and others. While e-Commerce scaled easily, other channels proved more challenges; scaling non-automated receiving, fulfilling, and invoicing requires additional employees, training, and manual processes.

  1. Connected each channel to Kentro for unified order lifecycle from order received to order fulfilled
  2. Teams can now focus on quality of work without worrying about channel specific steps or processes
  3. Channel agnostic order fulfillment
  4. Cross-channel reporting of information essential to data-driven decisions
  5. Eliminated manual entering and accounting; automatically export accounting data
  6. Created tracing system with complete shipment history of any lot or bundle regardless of channel
Pain Point #5

Accounting and monthly reconciliations.

Accounting software required manual order entry based on sales channel: bulk orders were aggregated by week or month (best for large order channels such as e-Commerce) and single order entry for retail accounts.

As sales rose, order entry mistakes also increased due to manual processes across all channels. Communication with fulfillment team was constant to assure retail accounts were manually invoiced after order shipment.

  1. Full integration automatically exports customers/sales orders/invoices/payments/credits and transfers from Kentro to accounting software
  2. Cross-channel fulfilment and consolidated reports aid quality control before closing the books
  3. Connected international multi-currency channels to automate currency conversion and order export
  4. Inventory link from Kentro to accounting software
Pain Point #6

Inventory management and historical lot traceability.

Inventory management of nutritional supplements is a complex but very important process. It requires accurate lot and expiration dates, ability to trace any lot to specific customers in the event of recalls, and more.

Standard warehouse management systems are typically not integrated and do not feature the sophistication required for efficient and thorough shipped lots tracing.

  1. Implemented real-time inventory tracking per lot and location
  2. Track both onhand and allocated inventory
  3. Extended traceability to each individual shipment
  4. Maintain inventory log to trace any single inventory movement
  5. Track inventory transfers across warehouses and 3PLs
  6. Synchronized inventory from 3PL warehouses for single point-of-truth
  7. Established per channel product thresholds of high/medium/low or out of stock
  8. Build of materials track cost of goods (COGS) and trace individual lots within kit or bundle
Pain Point #7

Multichannel product listings.

Per channel product listing was difficult due to limited visibility into product sales per channel, item price, and channel specific platform or tool to manage the listings.

  1. Established channel specific product price and inventory thresholds
  2. Automated publish/unpublish based on pre-configured inventory thresholds to prioritize certain channels and avoid overselling
  3. Developed price lists for customized experience and pricing per channel, customer, or product category
  4. Connected drop-ship platforms with synchronized prices and inventory levels
Pain Point #8

Automated alerts and notifications.

Operations were reactive; ā€˜putting out firesā€™ was commonplace. Lack of alert system across sales channels delayed needed corrective action and prevented accurate, proactive operation.

  1. Connected all sales channels to Kentro allowing trigger events on each step of order livecycle
    Integrated real-time inventory tracking with live inventory changes
  2. Established rules based email and SMS alerts for critical events such as:
    1. Crossing product low stock thresholds
    2. Approaching product expiration date
    3. EDI transmission errors
    4. Product published/unpublished by channel
    5. Webhook requests to update e-commerce backend with order replacement

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